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Would you Trust your most Cherished Keepsake to Your Jeweller?

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What do you do when your most cherished piece of jewellery needs some attention?  Perhaps it has become brittle and delicate from regular wear and tear. Exposure to the elements such as salt, water, sweat, humidity, cleaners or perfumes can also cause your jewellery to fade, tarnish, thin, and become very fragile. So, to whom do you entrust this keepsake?

Do what Craig did. He entrusted his most cherished bracelet to Jeff Walters Jewellers.

After the repair of Craig’s most cherished bracelet, we received the following note:

Dear Jon and All:

Just wanted to convey my compliments on a job well done and for taking a chance on the delicate repair of my

bracelet that has an unusual story and great sentimental value.  It’s beautiful and beaming away!

Cheers, Craig

When we took Craig’s bracelet into our possession and assured him that we could bring it back to life, we acknowledged that we did not take this task lightly. In fact, we conveyed that we understood that sentimental value in most cases, is far more valuable to our customers than material value.  You just can’t replace sentiment.  We felt like we were a significant part of the history of this bracelet once Craig shared its incredible narrative about how the bracelet gift came into his possession:

One year of many trips to fly our Hot Air Balloons in the annual “Albuquerque New Mexico Balloon Festival” we were very lucky to have a kind young local man, volunteer throughout the festival to drive our balloon chase vehicle, as he was very familiar with the roads and possible great landing areas. As he would not accept any payment, we would happily invite him as our guest to local restaurants for a complimentary breakfast after each flight. To my great surprise during our talks of past festivals, he conveyed that he had never flown in a Hot Air Balloon. “Well that’s is going to change” I conveyed, and I invited him on a beautiful Saturday morning flight on one of the last festival days.

When we landed, after an hour of flying amongst hundreds of colourful hot air balloons all around us,  he was beside himself and very emotional when expressing his experience. When saying goodbye that morning, he quietly asked me to visit his Navajo family’s Artisan Craft Booth on the roadside in Arizona’s “Painted Desert” not that far away to see their handmade crafts and to say goodbye. To my great surprise when arriving and in wonderment of how truly colourful the desert can be just before sunset, he quickly passed me this hand-crafted bracelet with the story of his family and the elders carved in gold and presented it to me in thanks and gratitude for his memorable flight.

Trusting it to your staff and care after the years I have had it was obviously the right decision, and I am so happy with the repair and cleaning results of my most sentimental and memorable gift.  Thanks again so much!..

At Jeff Walters Jewellers, we understood how dear this bracelet was to this man. It was so worn and delicate and we were charged with the responsibility to fix it for Craig, yet maintain its sentimental value. We were so glad that we could repair it for Craig so he can enjoy wearing it again.  Thank you for entrusting us with your deeply meaningful bracelet.

You don’t need an appointment for repairs – just pop in during our store hours and we will be sure to assist you.