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What to Do with Inherited Jewellery this Mother’s Day

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Want to honour your Mom/Wife this Mother’s Day so she knows how special she is to you?  If mom has inherited some jewellery over time, take her by the hand, rummage through her jewellery with her, then book an online appointment with our designer by April 16, who will sit down with you and your Mother to create something that will keep the sentiment alive and that  Mom can cherish forever. (This appointment can also take place on line, due to the recent COVID 19 outbreak)

Let’s face it, as much as inherited jewellery is sentimental and cherished for its history and donor…. most of it ends up stuffed away in a jewellery box because it is outdated, broken, weak, distasteful, or doesn’t fit properly.

If your mom has received some inherited jewellery or old jewellery that is lying around in her jewellery box, bring her and the jewellery into visit us.  Book an appointment so that we can inspect all her inherited jewellery and give Mom some options as to what to do with it.  Sometimes, people might just choose to sell the gold and gemstones to us and use the money towards a more modern purchase.

Perhaps Mom has received something that is sentimental to her, but it is weathered and worn out.  Just book online so that we can go over the pieces with her and let her know how we can customize it to suit her taste.  Sometimes it is as simple as buffing it up, cleaning, and making some repairs to it, so she can wear it comfortably and proudly.

That’s what Rosie did with the ring she inherited from her Mother. We repaired, buffed, and cleaned it so that Rosie can enjoy it for many years to come:


On the other hand, it may need a lot more work to bring it to a look that she would wish to wear.  These preferences can be discussed in your design appointment at our store and you will learn what options are possible with this piece of inherited jewellery, in order to modernize it, upgrade it, or make it more suitable to her taste, yet still keeping the sentiment alive.

Look at what another customer chose to do with her wedding set.  Here is a “before” and “after” video of the possibilities.

Want to create a piece that is modern and in fashion for Spring 2020?  BIG is in fashion, big hoops and big chain links on necklaces.  Oversized jewellery is in. We can take Mom’s inherited jewellery and repurpose it so that she is in-style for this year’s jewellery trends.  Colourful jewellery is also trending.  We can morph her inherited jewellery into something very colourful and trendy for 2020.  We can add gemstones, pearls, rose gold…. Before you know it, Mom will be competing for a spot on the runways with her new fashionable items created from her inherited jewellery!

Although inherited jewellery is cherished, it is the least-worn jewellery that, unfortunately, just lies around in many person’s jewellery boxes.  People are never sure what to do with it because it has such sentimental value to them, and they are afraid of altering it to the point that the sentiment is lost.

If your mom has inherited jewellery lying around, treat her to an appointment at Jeff Walters Jewellers so she can go over her options and should she wish, choose to create a piece of useful jewellery.  This Mother’s Day, tell mom you have booked her a special appointment to create some beautiful jewellery and all she has to do is gather up her old/inherited items and come for a visit.  She will be so grateful that you initiated this process.

Not only will she enjoy spending the time with you and appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness in booking the appointment, but she will also be able to wear some jewellery that she was unable to wear before.  Now that’s an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift!  We look forward to hearing from you.  Book online or call us to set up an appointment with Mom 705-739-7464.