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Vanessa and Jay’s Testimonial

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Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the delay in thank you and in sending you these pics. Life has been a bit crazy lately.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so wonderful and helpful throughout the entire process of making my custom engagement ring and both mine and Jay’s wedding rings.
Right from the beginning you helped make designing my engagement ring so much fun! I thought after Jay and I left that day I might end up with maybe one or two of the idea’s we had talked about but the final product was beyond amazing and superceded my expectations 100 fold. It’s absolutely stunning!
I know you made an impression on Jay too by taking the time to evaluate the diamonds he chose for my ring and educate him on the quality of the diamonds. He takes pride in knowing and understanding the type of diamonds that are in this special ring.
That knowledge continued throughout picking our wedding bands and we couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out too!
We really appreciated the time you and Shane took the day we were in to pick my band and design Jay’s. The advice and experience that was shared ensured that the final product was one that we would both be happy with and would last.
For this and everything else our deepest heartfelt thanks!

Vanessa & Jason Garraway