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Asking that one person to spend the rest of their life with you is a life-altering step. To symbolize this event, tradition dictates the presentation of an engagement ring to represent your commitment and love to that one very special person.  The engagement ring deserves your utmost thought and effort…much more thought and effort than choosing an item from a showcase that encompasses, albeit beautiful creations, but, in fact, are somebody else’s creations.  Imagine the difference in the sentiment and message that a custom ring bestows upon your betrothed?  Here’s where we at Jeff Walter Jewellers come in!

Shanon Huismans                  Jeff Walters

(Above) Meet our custom designers, Shanon, and Jeff.  They can help you create a masterpiece, full of sentiment for that someone special.  

At Jeff Walters Jewellers, you are able to book a convenient time on our electronic calendar that fits into your schedule.  Just click here to pick a time and date that works for you. You’ll sit down with Shanon or Jeff in a comfortable environment, completely adhering to Covid protocols, and the attention is all on you, distraction-free.

(above) Use our convenient online calendar to book your own appointment where you will receive our undivided attention. 

Our goal is to educate you so that you are able to make an informed decision about one of the biggest and most important purchases of your life. We take the time to teach you about what you’re buying and show you the difference between various quality stones. We ensure that you not only understand the 4 C’s of diamond characteristics  (cut, carat, clarity, and colour), but you are able to touch and see the various characteristics in numerous examples of diamond shapes and gemstones.

Once you have a good understanding of diamonds, we will help you design the ring from start to finish.  Bring in pics of rings that have appealed to you or choose from our thousands of examples.  Together we will ensure that you have put together a ring that includes your preferences and best symbolizes your love.  Your involvement and input are represented in a ring that shows you participated in its making all along …and in that regard, there is a piece of you in that ring that you have created for the person you love.  You have truly put your heart and soul, hard work, and creativity into the ring that will be a part of your relationship forever.  Now that’s powerful.


At Jeff Walters Jewellers, we do things differently.  We get personal and we’ll be here for you, for life. So start your story…we’d love to be a part of it.