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Julian’s Journey at Jeff Walters Jewellers

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Below, is a wonderful story from our customer, Julian.  He was recently the winner of a $200 credit on his account, for having his name drawn from those who have left a review about us on Facebook.  Our experience with Julian, from beginning to end, was awesome and it appears the feeling was mutual.  We wish he and his fiance all the best and look forward to seeing them for their wedding bands!

In Julian’s own words:

First of all I just want to thank you again! When I told Melissa that we won $200 toward anything in store she got very excited about the process of designing both our wedding bands. Attached is a photo of Melissa with her ring the day we got engaged. She absolutely LOVES it. We dropped it off at the store last Saturday to have it appraised and she’s been talking non stop about how she can’t wait for it to be back on her finger Hahaha.

I have to say, I am SO happy with my decision to go to Jeff Walters Jewellers. About a year ago my fiancé and I got onto the conversation of rings and how she wasn’t a fan of the modern ring. She kept saying how she wanted it to have character, to be a piece that would become a family heirloom. She pretty much said “blue sapphire and a ring that you’d find on a 90 year old lady”. I was pretty overwhelmed by this because I didn’t know where to look for this type of ring. I found a couple but nothing I could be happy or proud to give to my future wife. It was actually my mother that told me to go talk to Jeff and possibly customize one. So that day I went online and booked an appointment with Jeff. Honestly with the customer service and atmosphere I was pretty much sold instantly. When sitting down with Jeff and Kristine it was clear to me that this was the place that the ring I was proud of was going to come from. The first meeting was about an hour long and it was honestly amazing to see how fast Jeff came up with ideas. Kristine was also amazing with her advice and helpful ideas. Jeff ended up finding me a blue sapphire that was over 60 years old that we would build the ring around and I was so happy knowing how much that would mean to Melissa. The whole process was so easy and I ended up leaving that first meeting so confident and happy. Jeff explained to me every little detail. How much things cost, and tried to work with me on every idea even if it was something that was way to far out of my budget. He told me a price (the max it would be) and he kept his word, it wasn’t a penny over that cost. I respected that a lot. Along the way as the ring was being made I had a couple changes and Jeff and Kristine worked with me and made the changes and additions happen.

The day the ring was completed for me to see I brought both my mom and my dad and holy smokes! The look on all three of our faces was a mixture of stunned and awed. Nothing though, compared to the look on Melissa’s face when I got down on one knee and popped open that box. The only bigger smile was mine when she said yes.

I can’t thank Jeff, Kristine and everyone else at Jeff Walters Jewellers enough for making this happen for me. I have some pretty cool ideas for my wedding band and can’t wait to go back and see what Jeff does with it. I’m excited!

Thank you all again so much.