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Elle and Stan’s Testimonial

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Hey Jeff,

In the midst of wedding planning I have had on my list to write you a testimony for a while now! I realize that you probably get an abundance of these and may not post it but it made me feel good to take the time and let you know how I felt about your company and services, so enjoy!…

“My engagement started out as a disastrous and chaotic time in my life, as my fiance ordered a ring from the states online and the diamond fell out after 6 days of owning the ring. I will not dwell on this, as I do not remember these times fondly and would only like to think about the aftermath – after we went to Jeff Walters and his team. My mom has held this “I told you so” over my fiances head for the last 3 years, as she suggested Jeff before he even ordered “my first ring”. After brining my damaged “first ring” (which was from a completely different place) to him for investigation, they were completely willing to work with it and fix the damage done, however I decided to start from scratch with them in the end and send the other ring back. Jeff met with my fiance and I personally on multiple occasions – working towards a final design, budget and timeline. He was very enthusiastic and was completely understanding of our situation (me: a student, and my fiance: not exactly rich either). Jeff totally “got me” and my design ideas/style and we were able to pick out a band which matched exactly what I was picturing. They were even able to accommodate my Asscher cut diamond which I have been dreaming of forever, but which they had not worked with on many occasions. As it came time to pick up my custom ring, Jeff and his team did a great job of keeping in contact with my fiance and I. I really appreciated all of the effort and genuine interest they showed in the process, and all of the explaining they provided about the process, pricing and the 4 C’s of diamonds. Once I received my absolutely STUNNING ring, I fell in love. Jeff and team have been available for any questions since I got the ring, and have even fit me in for a cleaning and inspection after a little mishap I had at work one day. I have had it for over 2 years now and am well into wedding planning…. Which has included the design and purchase of my and my fiances wedding bands. We now have these also, and when I got my ring back after this construction, my engagement ring had been re-dipped and all polished up! I would and WILL recommend this company to anyone and everyone who is getting engaged or interested in purchasing a ring. Jeff has truly earned his name in the jewellery business! Thank you so much to everyone there who has helped me over the past couple of years!”

Thanks again Jeff!!!!

Ella Eberhard and Stanley Bird