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Cheryl’s Testimonial

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Out of pure curiosity, I was checking out your website to see if I could spot
my custom made engagement ring (and found it), then went on to look at sets
and was pleasantly surprised to see my set! I wasn’t expecting that since the
band I choose was a band that didn’t actually go with the engagement ring.
The band was simply something I spotted in one of the display cases and
really liked. Jeff re-designed the band to fit into the engagement ring, and
it turned out beautifully. It’s kind of flattering to see the set now on your
site named “Penney.” I get compliments on my rings all the time. Now when
people ask me where I got my set, I can tell them to look up the Penney set
on your site! Thank you for doing such an incredible job on my rings. I love

Mrs. Cheryl Penney