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A W K W A R D…..

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That’s how most men feel when it comes to buying jewellery for themselves.  Believe it or not, the first time most men buy themselves a piece of jewellery is when they get married.  At that point, they really don’t even know where to start… We have the perfect solution.

Meet Jon!

Jon is the face of Men’s jewellery at Jeff Walters Jewellers. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and is great at taking the “awkwardness” out of the whole selection process. When it comes to our customers, Jon’s aim is to provide a great buying experience minus the pressure, when looking for a ring that is suitable.

Here’s what Jon has to say….

I have noticed that many men come into our store who are not aware of the expansive array of quality jewellery that we have in-store and access to.  We carry an amazing collection of unique men’s rings produced in various materials; Damascus steel, dinosaur bone, zirconium, cobalt chrome, meteorite, tantalum, carbon fibre, titanium, tungsten, hardwood, camo, and of course precious metals (gold, palladium or platinum). This varied selection comes as a surprise to many. Given our range of men’s jewellery, we are able to get you the style you want in the budget you are comfortable with. There is no need to pick a ring off the shelf. Here, we make rings to order, especially for you with your choice of style.

Visit our web page to get an idea of the unique pieces in our gallery.  This is just a sampling of the thousands of choices that are available to you. If you don’t see what you like in our gallery, just click on our online RING BUILDER link and get started on your own unique piece.

Stay tuned as we feature more Posts in our Social Media streams about the process in creating your own men’s ring using various combinations and materials. We’ll address any questions and concerns you may have to help you along your journey in getting the ring you want. In the meantime, feel free to contact me by email or by calling the store at 705-739-7464