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Gift Ideas for your Mom on Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s are special… I mean, REALLY special.  Mother’s conceive us, carry us for 9 months, deliver us, attempt to mould us into decent human beings, and if we are really lucky,  provide us with enough unconditional love for a lifetime. So, it would only make sense to honour a human being of such stature.

Here are some great ideas to ensure that the person who is always giving,  will receive some acknowledgement on Mother’s Day 2020.  We have an opportunity to recognize the woman who has or will take us from crawling to running, who has healed all of our hurts, and who continues to hover in the background just in case we need her.

  • Custom Jewellery

Custom jewellery for your Mom says, “You are special and one of a kind”.  Book a meeting before April 16 to ensure that your custom design piece is on time for Mother’s Day.  Just book an appointment  to get started on a creation that mom will absolutely know that you made with her in mind. If Mom is a dog lover, create a diamond doggie pendant. Perhaps mom would enjoy a custom ring adorned with diamonds and/or gemstones. Don’t worry about getting it right. We promise that she will love it or we will fix it.  Have other ideas? No problem, let’s get started.  Mom will be totally blown away with her unique piece.

  • Family Rings, Pendants, Earrings.

Family Rings show everyone how proud one is of their family and how special they are.  You can create a family pendant, earrings, or bracelet for Mom. You can represent each member of the family with an individual birthstone.  Your Mom will wear this piece of jewellery, representing her family, with such pride.

  • Fingermate

As people age, sometimes their precious rings do not fit them properly anymore.  Enlarged knuckles due to arthritis, medication, etc. make it difficult for a ring to fit properly.  The ring has to be large enough to fit over the knuckle but small enough to sit comfortably at the base of the finger.  If your mom struggles to get her rings to fit properly over her enlarged knuckle, we have the solution.  Finger-mate is a hinge that we install on one’s existing or new jewellery.  It opens to fit easily over the knuckle and then clicks shut to ensure a snug fit at the base of the finger.  No more twisting or rolling of the ring with this device installed.  It’s a great way to ensure that mom continues to wear and cherish her rings forever. Book online to have a meeting and we can get this special device installed so Mom can have it for Mother’s day.

4        Our Showcase Collections

If you are not sure what to get mom this Mother’s Day, you can pop in and browse our showcases so you can select something for her.   We have an amazing selection of pendants, earrings, bracelets, silver jewellery, diamond jewellery, etc.  You will be sure to find something suitable for mom and she will have it just in time for Mother’s Day.