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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Barrie & District

For those who did not know, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Barrie and District has been creating friendships for over 35 years. From the beginning, they started out providing exclusively one-to-one relationships for Bigs and Littles. Hence the term Big Brother or Big Sister became a common name for those volunteers registered in the program. Things have developed over the years. The widely respected organization now offers a variety of different programs that serve boys and girls in various capacities.

In-School Mentoring is one of these new programs that has evolved over the years. Jeff has been a mentor since 2009. The satisfaction and sense of purpose Jeff receives in return is insurmountable in many ways. As a business man in the community, giving back his time is a wonderful way to experience being a kid all over again.

You see, being a mentor is not about homework or tutoring! It’s everything but. This is a school-based program that is centered on the same idea as their traditional programs; matching volunteers with children (grade 3+) in a one-to-one relationship that focuses on fun and friendship. As a Mentor, Jeff spends exactly one hour each week doing a fun activity or two or three with his little guy, or just hanging out and talking about stuff. Since the program takes place at the school of the child during the regular school year only (September until June), your time is limited to intense fun and purpose.

Jeff recommend adults who can make this time, to do so. The organization is constantly seeking mature individuals ready to enhance their lives in ways unimaginable. Please feel free to contact Jeff directly if you wish to discuss this and other programs from a hands-on perspective. As well, you will find their web site very informative.

Curl for Kids Sake - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Barrie & District

Every year Jeff Walters Jewellers is proud to be am active sponsor and participant of this exciting fund raising event. Months before the annual event in November each year, this link becomes an active fund raising portal in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Barrie and District. Please revisit us then.


Children's Aid Society

Jeff Walters Jewellers Supports Children's Aid - Snap Article

Child welfare is not so much an isolated occurrence as it is a community concern. The Simcoe County Children's Aid Society has been serving the community since 1894, providing a range of services to the individuals and community. For most of us, investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect and placing children in alternative care arrangements as legally required, are two common threads of understanding, when it comes to the services associated with Children's Aid.

In October of 2012, Jeff Walters and Tawnya Sobun met with Foundation Director Kimberly Carson for a behind the scenes tour of the many hats the Children's Aid foundation of Simcoe County wears, in order to help abused and neglected children lead happier and safer lives. "Look where we are in this picture" Jeff says, "It looks like a normal kitchen we all wake up to, but for many youth living on their own, learning the basic needs on how to cook and prepare food for themselves and child, is not a skill-set they have learned out on the streets. Here they are given one on one counseling on how to feel comfortable and responsible as a home maker." You can learn more about the Society on line at

Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

Season’s Centre for Grieving Children provides a safe, comfortable, home-like atmosphere for youth and their families who are grieving the death or impending death of an immediate family member.
Seasons Centre for Grieving Children is a non-profit organization since 1995, receiving no government support and relying solely on the kindness of the community, to offset the expenses of conducting the many programs to grieving families.

Jeff Walters Jewellers Supports Season Centre - Snap Article

The Season Centre for Grieving Children is founded on the belief that every child deserves an opportunity to grieve in a supportive and understanding environment. Last month, Jeff Walters and Tawnya Sobun had the honour of taking a private tour led by Office Manager Norma Vowels and Special Events Coordinator, Melissa Hamilton. Jeff asked to be SNAP’d in the Games Room because of what it means to him, “Helping children release all their energy in a safe environment, amongst new friends and buddies is a rare opportunity for these children. The various games are structured in such a way as to encourage teamwork. How wonderful! No one is left alone.” Thank you to Jeff Walters Jewellers for their continued support in our community.

Royal Victoria Hospital

Dreams Realized at Jeff Walters Jewellers

When Jeff Walters’ mother died of cancer in 2011, he wanted to reach out in memory of her. He did this in two ways - first by implementing a dream she had shared with him about a giftware boutique and secondly, by using the boutique to raise funds in support of other families struggling with cancer. Marcia’s boutique became a reality in November 2011, with over 200 customers, hospital representatives and public officials present to commemorate this event.

The boutique features exceptional gift items to help families celebrate special occasions, and by doing so, help others. RVH reached its dream around the same time with the opening of the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Center. After more than a decade of planning, fundraising and construction, RVH is now able to bring comprehensive cancer care to our region. Now, distances from such advanced facilities, will no longer be factors for people receiving their life saving treatment.

Treatment Consulting Room at RVH in Honor of Marcia Walters

So, in honor of his mother Marcia Walters, Jeff has dedicated a Treatment Consulting room in memory of her name. In September of 2012, he was given a private tour by Eric Dean, CEO of the Foundation, of the new state-of-the-art building that houses the new Expansion project at the RVH, and at the same time, the privilege to adhere the plaque that now resides outside the dedicated treatment room. My mom would be so delighted to know that her memory is and will continue to support other families in need”, says Jeff. “Her natural inclination to serving others in the community remains alive and well”. Jeff welcomes all to come to Marcia’s Boutique and share in this dream. Not only has the boutique served the region by offering unique and creative gift ideas but also as an outlet for those wishing to share their stories about loved ones who have suffered from cancer.

Royal Victorial Regional Health Centre & Jeff Walters Jewellers

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre is an acute care community hospital based in Barrie, Ontario, that boasts a state-of-the-art facility that has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. In June of 2012, the hospital celebrated it's largest capital fund raising project in Simcoe Muskoka history by raising $450 million dollars towards a new Cancer center called the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre. Now Cancer patients from central and northern Ontario need not be forced to make the long journeys to Toronto to seek treatment.

In memory of Jeff's mother, who lost her battle with cancer in April of 2011, Jeff Walters Jewellers is showcasing a unique giftware and high fashion jewellery department called Marcia’s Boutique. Part of the proceeds from Marcia’s boutique, is donated to Royal Victoria Cancer Centre to pay for a patient assessment room within this new facility. The room bears a plaque In Memory of Marcia Walters.

RVH Cheeseboards

The Royal Victoria Hospital Expansion for the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Treatment Centre

In March 2009 the Royal Victoria Hospital began phase 1 of its expansion which was to include the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Treatment Centre. While there were a lot of dreams associated with this expansion, few were as unique as the dream of Bernard Schimmel.

Having personally undergone emergency treatment and full recovery at the RVH for carbon monoxide poisoning, a heart attack and prostate cancer, Bernard understands first hand, the importance that the centre has to individuals in need, including friends, families and other communities in the area.

RVH Construction, Cheeseboards and Bernard Schimmel

As the land was being prepped for construction,  Bernard had a unique idea that literally started from the ground up. There were a grouping of trees that was about to be taken down and discarded as firewood.

Because of their historical value and symbolically to give them a second life, in much the same way RVH has done for him, he was granted exclusive permission to take the trees from the exact location that the new building sits on, in order that he may personally begin transforming the wood into unique maple cheeseboards. With tools of the trade in one hand and the corporate backed Royal Victoria Hospital Logo in the other, one of a kind Cheeseboards, all with their own individualized character, went into production.

How Jeff Walters Supports the RVH Cheeseboard Project

What better way is there to support the RVH Cancer Treatment Centre than to raise money from the ground that the new building sits on? Jeff Walters Diamonds has always jumped at the chance to support the RVH over the years. “Each board will have the RVH Logo embossed on the underside to demonstrate its authenticity and will be numbered by the artist Bernard Schimmel himself.”   The cheese boards will be display in Marcia’s Boutique, a new room created last year at Jeff Walters Diamonds, in honor of Jeff’s Mom who died of Cancer in April 2011.

RVH Cheeseboard's and Marcia's Boutique

Marcia’s Boutique was designed by Jeff and his mom as a fabulous place to purchase giftware and table top items (Kosta Boda, Nambe) along with reasonably priced jewellery items (Chamilia, Foxy, Chisle, Debbie Brooks),  for brides, brides maids and grooms alike. The proceeds of Marcia’s Boutique go towards the foundation to support a patient room, purchased in honor of his mom Marcia Walters. The Cheeseboards/Presentation boards are available in Marcia’s Boutique, and100% of the proceeds will be donated to the RVH Cancer Treatment Centre! But remember there were only 50 made in total as supplies are limited!


Jeff Walters Jewellers Supports Gilda's Club - Snap Article

Choosing which charities to align themselves with is paramount for Jeff Walters Jewellers. They make these decisions with serious, well thought out intentions in mind as to the direction they are headed as a community sponsor. Their involvement with Gilda's Club stems from the belief that no one should face cancer alone. Cancer has affected us all in one form or another. Our mothers, fathers, children and friends have all directly or indirectly been affected by a Cancer diagnosis. Gilda's Club creates moments where fun, laughter and cheer stare Cancer in the face. Anyone can learn more about what programs and assistance is available at Gilda's Club by visiting The RED DOOR is open to YOU!

All Love is Great Love

Jeff Walters Jewellers unites with all communities in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny and all forms of bullying in and out of the workplace.

As a local business in the Barrie and Simcoe District, we have remained grounded in our commitment to support our own Barrie Pride Organization.

“Barrie Pride is a group of local citizens dedicated to providing opportunities to everyone through events, community partnerships and celebrations designed to bring our entire city together in the celebration of LGBTQ Pride, History and Diversity.

The Barrie Pride mission statement includes Honouring, Protecting and Valuing Diversity. These messages are at the core of why we do what we do – to give the Barrie LGBTQ community a voice.”

As a Local Jeweller in Barrie, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for “everyone in love” to purchase engagement rings, wedding bands and other designer jewellery that symbolizes the connection, affection and relationship shared by our customers. At Jeff Walters Jewellers, ALL LOVE IS GREAT LOVE!

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